Northeast View

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Northeast View

Investment Information

Address: 222 Garfield Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64124
Asset Class: Multifamily, Project Based Section 8
Size: 137 units
Year Built: 1999
Acquisition Date: June, 2005
Acquisition Cap Rate: 11.23%

Financial Performance:
Original Capital Investment:  $560,000
IRR: 34%
Equity Multiple: 6.72X

Northeast Apartments is a government subsidized apartment community located in the historic Pendleton Heights district of Kansas City. The property is comprised of 12 two and one-half-story buildings which collectively offer an attractive unit mix of 10 one-bedroom, 76 two-bedroom, and 51 three-bedroom apartments.  Community amenities include onsite laundry, off street parking, and central air conditioning.

MPC Strategy:
In 2005, McKee Private Capital expanded its footprint to include the Midwest with the acquisition of Northeast View Apartments.  MPC paid less than 50% of replacement cost allowing for a debt coverage ratio in excess of 1.5 and an acquisition cap rate of nearly 11%.  Property operations remained stable throughout MPC’s holding period providing investors with consistent, double-digit cash on cash returns each month.  Investor demand for Project Based Section 8 assets has surged since 2005, which prompted MPC to take Northeast View to market in 2014.  The property sold in the first quarter of 2015 to a non-profit group at an above market sales price securing investors tremendous appreciation on their initial equity.  Northeast View exceeded MPC’s initial investment projections.